Stump Grinding

We offer full stump grinding and removal services in San Jose. Our team is aware of the fact that every client has different requirements and needs. Thus, we are offering two main ways through which tree trunks can be removed or ground in a professional and efficient manner. Both of these procedures have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Stump Grinding:

As the name suggests, stump grinding is the procedure through which the stump has grinned down below the earth’s surface. It is covered with a layer of topsoil. You can do planation in this topsoil which is helpful in blending the area with the rest of the property.

The stump grinder is used to perform stump grinding. It is a heavy machine that consists of a large chop saw blade that grinds the stump. Compared to full stump removal, grinding stumps are quite inexpensive because the workers do not have to dig or cut away the tree roots and transport them to a proper disposal site. However, stump grinding is not suitable for commercial and developing areas.

Full Stump Removal:

Full stump removal includes getting rid of the stump and the root system completely. The roots are cut off before digging out the stump. Compared to stump grinding, it is a very labor-intensive work that requires a particular skill set and experience to make sure the stump is completely removed from the property. 

We have skillful and qualified workers who can make sure that full stump removal is performed as per the highest standards. Moreover, our team has been trained to deal with numerous complications like rocky soil, excessive hardness, and difficult landscapes. An appropriate method of stump removal or grinding will be chosen after careful inspection of the tree and your property. Furthermore, the decision will be after careful analysis of your requirements

You can fully rely on us to execute these methods professionally.  The cost, duration, and overall procedure of stump grinding are highly dependent on the type of tree, property, and your requirements. You can call us today to get a professional opinion from our experienced workers to decide the best way to remove stumps from your property.

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