Equipment a Professional Tree Company Should Use

Every tree service company will have their own specific equipment that they use. However, there are some pieces of equipment that you can expect to see in most cases. This article is going to go over what a professional tree company should be carrying with them on the job site and outline why it’s important for your safety as well as theirs.

1. A bucket truck is needed to reach tall trees and tough spaces.

Bucket trucks are needed to reach the tops of tall trees and safely trim them. They provide a safe alternative for tree company workers, who don’t need to risk their lives climbing up into the branches or cutting down limbs with chainsaws if they can use this equipment instead. Our experienced team will expertly maneuver it around your tree in order to remove any dying parts without harming its health overall – whether you’re dealing with an alleyway that’s difficult to get through on foot, or just have too large a space nearby where someone could be injured by falling debris.

2. A grapple truck carries off large logs easily.

Larger logs can be hard to haul off without a grapple truck, which provides the crew with an easy way of moving them around on site or hauling them away. Without this option available, crews will have to cut the log into smaller pieces and carry it themselves. This takes more time and labor – which is expensive for you in the long run because it means that you’ll need pay extra money for all that additional work done by your employees!

Fortunately at Tim’s Tree Service we often use our grappling truck when there are large logs nearby so they don’t take up too much room while also having someone else do some heavy lifting at once!

3. Wood chippers cut the tree pieces down into mulch.

A wood chipper is a machine that chops tree logs down into mulch for transporting or hauling away. This makes it easier on the professional company and better for property owners as well.

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For more than 30 years, the professionals here have served residential and commercial properties in San Jose. We are licensed by a number of organizations to perform work on all types of tree species; our team is also insured for liability protection should any accidents occur during service. Please call today!

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