Hurricane Proofing Trees & When It Needs to Be Done

Did you know that hurricanes can be prevented from knocking over your trees? Hurricane proofing is a service offered by many arborists, and it’s necessary for any homeowner in hurricane territory. In this post we’ll talk about what causes tree damage during hurricanes, the best time to have this work done on your property and how to get started with Hurricane Proofing Trees.

Protect Your Trees’ Root Systems

Your trees’ roots are critical to the overall stability and strength of your tree, like an anchor for it. The root system protects your tree during high winds while preserving nutrients and water in soil by laying mulch around its roots. Roots can be damaged from mowing, foot traffic or daily wear-and-tear of weather conditions–so protecting them is just as important! You should keep a layer of mulch around the base of your trees year-round, and periodically replace the mulch with fresh batches.

Trim & Prune Trees Regularly to Prevent Hurricane Damage

A strong, deep-rooted tree may not fall during a storm. But weak and overgrown canopy limbs are susceptible to damage and falling. Broken, dead, or damaged limbs can be torn from trees when the winds pick up force–turning them into dangerous projectiles that’ll do more than just tear at your leaves; these will also cause irreparable harm to nearby buildings as well as hurt the health of your tree!

The best way to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season is by regularly trimming and pruning your trees. This will help create a well-spaced, sturdy framework of branches with an open canopy that allows wind through those networked branches like it should be able to do. Remove mainly interior tree limbs during this process because they’ll thin out the canopy’s ability for winds to pass freely throughout it–especially as we near hurricane season! Should you hire a professional arborist? Definitely! Trimming and pruning are not easy tasks so having someone who can make sure things happen correctly would definitely benefit you in more ways than one.

Cover Tree Trunks With Protective Wrapping

By providing your trees with a protective layer before the storm, you can ensure that they will be standing tall when it’s all over. Tree trunks are just as susceptible to damage and play an equally important role in keeping your tree stable during a hurricane. Wrapping them up with materials like row cover or burlap is one way of protecting against flying debris which may injure the trunk.

Cabling, Bracing, & Staking Trees

Metal or wire cabling strategically interwoven throughout the canopy of a tree provides extra support to trunk and limbs, preventing them from snapping or breaking suddenly. Purchase wooden braces with adjustable straps for securing any size tree in order to prevent bending during storm winds.

When preparing for the next hurricane, driving wooden stakes into the ground around trees and securing them to tree trunks with tough strapping is a great way to further brace against high winds. This practice can prevent trees from being pulled out of their roots during that storm.

Prepare your trees for hurricane season

Our tree health services are here to make sure your trees can withstand the hurricane season. We offer a variety of different treatments from trimming and removal, stump grinding, or removing root invasions! Call us today for more information on our extensive list of services that will accommodate any property in San Jose as well as surrounding areas.

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