Reasons to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

Trees are amazing. They provide shade, oxygen and they make our neighborhoods more beautiful. However, there is one downside to trees: tree removal costs can be expensive if you wait too long! This article will go over the reasons for removing a tree from your yard so that you know what to do when it’s time to say goodbye.
Dead or Dying Trees Can Create Safety Issues for Family, Friends, or CustomersDead or diseased trees can be a dangerous nuisance. The dead parts of the tree are weakened, which means they could snap off at any moment.
These trees can easily fall and cause damage to power lines, cars, or people. Entirely dead branches pose even larger safety issues near homes and businesses. Dead tree limbs may fall onto the building while family members are inside getting work done for their company; this is a huge issue that needs addressing immediately!
Diseased Trees Can Spread That Disease to Other Trees on Your Property Through Water or AirMany types of tree and plant disease can easily spread through water or air. When these diseases spread to other trees throughout your property, they begin a domino effect that causes more of your trees to die as well.
It’s very important to get rid of diseased trees as soon as they show signs of infection so the disease doesn’t spread, and it is also imperative that you leave this removal up to a trained professional such as Tim’s Tree Service who can remove all traces without leaving any behind.
Trees Are Growing Too Close to Buildings, Power Lines, Or Sustained Storm DamageIn some cases, trees grow too close to homes or businesses. In these instances, it’s recommended that the tree be trimmed back away from any buildings for safety reasons. However, sometimes this isn’t possible and in those situations homeowners should consider having a professional remove the entire tree because of its potential danger to surrounding structures if left unchecked.
One of the hazards trees pose is when branches grow close enough to power lines. If there’s an accident and one branch snaps off, it could cause even more damage because now you’ve got live wires on the ground which can cause dangers from electrocution or getting zapped by them as well. In order to keep this danger at bay, trees should either have their branches trimmed back or removed entirely.
In areas where rainfall is heavy, we can often see thunderstorms and even hurricanes which can cause significant damage to trees in the area. When a tree has been damaged beyond repair, it will need be removed by arborists who have experience with handling these difficult situations.
New Construction or Landscaping Bed Installation May Require Tree Removal or RelocationWhen a property owner needs to tear down or remove existing structures before adding new ones, they’ll need to first tackle any trees that are in the way. Once these obstacles have been taken care of and ground has been cleared out for future construction, it will be much easier to get started on building your dream structure!
A new landscaping bed may also require the removal of a tree, depending on your landscape design. If you’re installing plants in that area and they don’t blend well with what’s already there, this might be necessary to make sure everything flows together nicely.
When you’re looking for a tree service company, it’s important to find someone who is going to do the job right. At Tim’s Tree Service, we have been providing top notch services and will work with your trees so that they look healthy and are able to stay healthy too! Give us a call today or contact our staff online for an estimate on all of your property needs!

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