Why Trees Need to Be Trimmed

A tree’s shape and size is determined by the type of trimming that it receives. When a tree is trimmed, its branches are shortened to expose more light to the leaves below. This allows them to grow larger and produce more fruit! If you want your trees to thrive, then make sure they get regular trims.
This blog post discusses why you should be trimming your trees regularly so they can grow bigger and better produce fruit for you!
Trimming Your Trees Keeps Them Healthy
In order to keep your trees healthy, it is a good idea to regularly trim the branches. Properly trimmed trees not only look nice but also are structurally sound and strong which in turn will improve their health because they won’t be competing with dead or dying parts of themselves for nutrients that should go towards keeping them alive.
Trimming your trees will keep the tree from developing broad or weak branches, reducing risk of injury. Trimming also ensures that limbs don’t grow out of hand and cross over each other in an effort to get more space and light for individual growth; this can lead to wounds which invite pests into living spaces where they could create a reproductive cycle with their larvae as well as spread decay throughout the trunk. When branches compete for air circulation by crossing one another, it creates shady spots on leaves below them–leaving those patches vulnerable to disease-causing fungi such as powdery mildew.
Untrimmed Trees Pose Safety Hazards
Unruly trees with low, overhanging branches are dangerous to the point that they can scratch people and pose tripping hazards. Rogue branches hang down in your yard, driveway, and walkways creating dangerously pointy obstacles that people must maneuver around. Low-lying limbs also create a high danger for our family because fallen tree limbs pose great risks of injury or death if you happen to be walking by at just the wrong time.
Dead and diseased branches house mold, pests, and other diseases. Unruly branches that hang over your home can compromise your family’s safety as well as the structural integrity of their roof or siding from rubbing against it during harsh winds. A large branch overhanging a home could fall off onto the structure damaging property in its wake with no one inside to avoid injury! It’s wise not to take any chances when safeguarding loved ones so remove unruly low hanging limbs before they pose harm on top of everything else.
Tidy Trees Increase Curb Appeal & Property Value
Tree trimming not only benefits your trees, but also benefits your home’s appearance. Trimming back large, messy trees opens up your property and improves your view while adding greater curb appeal for your home because you can see more of your yard. A properly-maintained landscape with shapely, trimmed trees increases your home’s curb appeal and subsequently its property value. On the contrary, a home with a messy landscape and unkempt, dangerous trees actually decreases in value and is generally displeasing to look at.
Do you need trees trimmed on your property?
At Tim’s Tree Service San Jose, we have the necessary tools and experience needed to keep your trees healthy. If you need a tree trimmed on your property call us today so that our experts can come out and get things done for you!

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